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About ArtHaus66 Gallery

I am the owner and curator of ArtHaus66 Contemporary Gallery. I would like to personally welcome you to ArtHaus66. This site is a place where both emerging and established artists come together with art collectors in support of contemporary art. It is a hype-free source for learning about contemporary art trends, techniques, artists and exhibitions worldwide.

I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and I have lived in the United States for the last 18 years. My passion for art has remained a constant in my life both during good and not so good times. I studied Art History and Studio Art both in Europe and the United States. I hold degrees in Drawing and Painting as well as a Master’s degree in Art Education. I have been involved in art in one capacity or another for most of my life: as a student, educator, professional artist, curator and gallery owner. I read, make, promote, write, sell and collect art. It’s an essential part of my life.

It is particularly gratifying to me to assist new emerging artists in reaching their potential audience through an elegant, efficient, accessible and professional site. It is in this capacity that I developed ArtHaus66’s EMERGE which feature bios, images and up to date information about the exhibits and careers of many brilliant artists at the inception of their careers.

I am passionate about affording everyone the opportunity to view and collect beautiful, high quality yet reasonably priced artwork. I believe that art belongs in homes, workplaces and public buildings where it can enhance our quality of life while being enjoyed by everyone. It is my hope to offer artists support through ArtHaus66 online services so that their careers can be successfully launched and they can establish long lasting beneficial connections with their collectors.

My philosophy is, in fact, quite simple. Art should be conceived as a continuous loop. It has no starting point and no end. If an individual creates art, views art, buys art, writes or reads about art then he or she becomes part of the process. You are, at this moment, becoming part of it yourself.

I hope that you will allow me to be your companion as we make our way into the fascinating world of contemporary art. There's so much that remains to be much to learn.

Thank you





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